Kindergarten & Preschool Photography in Melbourne

Activity photos of children at Preschools and Child Care Centres.

Indoor, Outdoor, Class, Portrait and Sibling

Where we do it.

Throughout Melbourne and Victoria.

Including Geelong,Bellarine Peninsula and the Surf Coast. Geelong, Bellarine and Surf Coast

We are currently taking bookings for preschool photos and child care photos for 2015. Get in early to avoid disappointment.

How we do it.

Hassle free Proof Sheets.

We deliver proof sheets back to the centre within 1 week of photography.

  • Simply hand them out.
  • No chasing money.
  • Parents can order directly to 99Studios.
  • Photos can be viewed online using a password protected code for each child.
  • Orders can be made via our web store using an individual  user ID's and Password for each
  • child.


How long it takes.

Super fast delivery.

  • proofs sheets delivered back to the centre within 1 week.
  • photo orders delivered within 2 weeks of ordering.

What we sell.

Photos are sold separately in many sizes or in great value packs.Products & Prices

There is NO OBLIGATION to purchase any photos.

Families can spend as much or as little as they like starting from just $8.00

  • Products..Wallet photos, Key Ring photos, Albums, Calendars and Montage images.
  • Photo sizes.. All standard photographic sizes are available for sale from 5x7 inch to Posters.
  • Packs.. Great value packs that contain massive built in discounts including  now discounts for siblings.
  • Digital downloads now available!

What's in it for you?

Fundraising. 10% of all sales are returned to your centre.

What about something for nothing?

The following offers apply to Kindergartens and Preschools only.

Coffee table book.

As a gift to your Preschool we give a full color hard cover coffee table book featuring photos of all of the children including previously unseen candid images. This book never fails to delight teachers, parents and children and can be used as valuable momento of the kinder year.

Free Key Rings with photos

A keyring with photo of each child is provided to the centre which can be used by the centre as a Mothers or Fathers day gift or Christmas gift.